Boundaries Mastery

Have more time and energy for your health, passions, and aspirations by learning how to set healthier boundaries in this open course.

BM answers...

  • How not to apologize for setting boundaries?

  • How to set boundaries effectively without guilt?

  • How to deal with serial offenders and apologies?

  • How to get better at recognizing what my boundaries are and sticking to them?

… and many more (incl. your questions).


✅ Having more energy.
✅ Feeling at peace, empowered, and free.
✅ With more time for yourself and what matters most.

Bye bye:

❌ Holding back.
❌ Settling for less.
❌ Compromising your value.

Sounds like a plan?

"I wish to be as rational and eloquent as these examples. These videos were immensely helpful."
Angie Reich
"Seriously, the way these scenarios are presented and the spot-on chats about specific issues. So helpful."
Janina Tures

Or do you want to keep feeling unseen and undervalued?


  • Holistic answers.
  • Practical examples.
  • Tools and resources.


  • Strategies to navigate fears & beliefs.
  • Exact language to communicate boundaries.



Pay once, have access forever.

"So good. I thought I was good at setting boundaries and didn't realize my negative mindset over it as if i was being mean."