Clarify Your Message

Stand out and attract more clients by creating a clear brand message in this brand storytelling workshop using the StoryBrand framework.

Are you...

An impact-driven founder or business owner (or soon to be) and…

  • Pivoting or re-branding?
  • Feeling unsure how to stand out online?
  • Not making as much profit as you would like?
  • Feeling insecure when pitching to investors or at networking events?

Clarify your message!

A poor brand message is costing you time, money and the experience to live your full potential.

In this workshop

  • Learn the StoryBrand framework.
  • Receive a brand messaging worksheet.
  • Practice and receive feedback on your message.
  • Get guidance on clarifying your hero’s NEW tomorrow.

As a result, leave…

  • Feeling inspired to pitch and present.
  • With a brand messaging plan that attracts clients and revenue.
  • Knowing what to write on your LinkedIn and website to stand out.

So that you can do work that excites you, is meaningful and pays you well.


Getting stuck.

Going unseen for your talent and potential.

Wasting your time hustling and doing meaningless work.

Clarify Your Message

This is your go-to-market strategy, go-to-investor strategy and go-to-engage amazing clients do what you love strategy.

Time and date


19:00 – 20:30 on three dates:

  • August 17, 2022
  • August 25, 2022 – sold out
  • August 31, 2022


At the avant-garde ME Barcelona:

  • Carrer de Casp 1-13
  • On the 1st floor
  • In the Belbo restaurant


25 EUR including:

  • 1 free drink.
  • Instant feedback.
  • A brand message guide.

“I’m so incredibly moved”

"You challenged and encouraged with infectious energy. I felt like I had a creative block and confidence leakage that you fixed. That first session literally changed my perspective and pushed me forward."
Rebecca Sulocki
Stylist and Art Director

“His questions open doors”

“He’ll ask, “What’s your story?”. My story?” you may wonder and before you know it, you are speaking from the heart. Erik has Jedi mind tricks that pull all of your stories out of you without even knowing how.”
Katie Wallace
Creative Consultant

Your Guide

vertical portrait photo in nature of erik in a hat white shirt

Erik Eklund

Moderator & Storyteller

I designed this workshop after seeing how many people with tremendous potential and brilliant ideas don’t get to do what they love (while you know them, the ones with terrible ideas do) just because of one thing – their ability to communicate.

Stand out and attract more clients by creating a clear brand message.

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And let your talents, skills, passions and potential come alive.

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