Reflect- Re-connect – Re-energize

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Re-connect to you and find new energy and direction forward in this 3-day Human Connection Experience in retreat format.

Are you feeling:

  • Tired?
  • Out of energy?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Disconnected from yourself?

I understand how it feels to not be that happy, confident and productive version of yourself that you use to be – or want to be.

So take time for you:

  • Reflect.
  • Feel what makes you tick.
  • Meet people that inspire you.
  • Re-connect to your joy, values and aspirations.

While giving yourself a treat and meeting people with similar thoughts, feelings and mindset.

Get the tools to AVOID:

Burning out!

Feeling lonely!

Getting stuck and lost!

Opportunities from passing you by!

Doing the same thing, at the same pace, and even with the same people as today – will only lead you there. 

Take time for you!

So that you can move forward with new energy, clarity, and direction, feeling “I’m back”, “I got this” and “I know what to do”.

What can I expect?

A non-judgmental, warm and safe environment.

BE the BEAT is all about connection, nurtured through conversations exploring “Who am I” in an enjoyable way with maximum 8 people.

group of people laughing

Meaningful Conversations

Expand your self-awareness, discover yourself and get inspired through:

  • Facilitated group conversations on questions you normally don’t ask yourself.
  • A game of stories.

Mindful Being

Focus your mind and re-connect to your happiness, values and aspirations through:

  • Journaling practices.
  • Meditative exercises.
  • Mindful body-movement.
  • Advanced guided meditation.

Suitable for all levels and ideal for you who have tried but would like to be more consistent and receive personalized guidance.

Own Space

The schedule is designed so that you have plenty of time to:

  • Relax in the SPA.
  • Enjoy a massage.
  • Take a hike in nature.
  • Read a book by the pool.

“I’m so incredibly moved”

This group of people let me in. I made real new friends. I don’t think I can tell you what half of those people I met do for work, but I can tell you I would love to work with every single person that was there. I’m so incredibly moved.
Lila Smith
Founder and Workshop Facilitator


Choose one or choose all, sleep in or wake up early, choose a rhythm that gets the best out of you.

For all questions and requests about i.e.  COVID, arrivals/departures etc., contact us.

Activities includes:
subject to changes

  • 3 guided meditations
  • Daily body-movement
  • 1  journaling workshop
  • 2 meditation workshops
  • 3 facilitated conversation

You will receive a detailed schedule upon arrival.

Key times:

Friday, 22 October:

  • 6:00pm:   Welcome reception
  • 7:00pm:   Session 1
  • 8:30pm:   Dinner

Sunday, 24 October

  • 1:00pm:       Closing session

What's the outcome?

You will leave:

  • Feeling re-energized and with increased self-awareness.
  • Supported by people that you feel understood by and inspired by.
  • Having tools to move forward with new clarity, direction and ideas.
  • Feeling aligned with your true self and confident about your next step.

Afterwards, continue nurturing your growth and the connections you built by joining our private social media group.

Host & Creator

vertical portrait photo in nature of erik in a hat white shirt

Erik Eklund

Conversations & Meditation

No woman or man known to humankind has created a thriving business, empire or life, alone.

I believe that when we come together as our true selves, we can all feel fulfilled and live a life, we are proud of. And I’m certain that you are in charge of your own story, and I’m here to encourage you to own it.

Read more about me here.

"what is your story”

He’ll ask, “What’s your story?”. My story?” you may wonder. “What does he mean? My upbringing? My career? My relationships?”, before you know it, you are speaking from the heart.
Katie Wallace
Marketing Director and Consultant

“A breeze of fresh air”

Erik is a breeze of fresh air that arrives in the perfect moment to regain strength and keep going forward. Through his guidance I acquired new insights and widened my perception to be more aware.
Jorge Pimentel
Online Content Moderator


The 4-Star* Hotel & Spa Mas Tapiolas is only 1-hour away from Barcelona, set in a traditional Catalan farmhouse from the 13th century, just off the coast of Costa Brava and with a backdrop of mountains.

Private or shared

Enjoy the silence in cozy rooms with an exclusive design, and choose to stay alone or sharing.

Food & Beverage

Spoil yourself with delicious food made of excellent local products. Breakfast is included and we plan to have dinners together.

*To ensure you have the freedom to eat what you like, when you like it, lunch and dinner is not included in the price.

Start your journey

Interested in  flexible pricing options or do you have questions and requests, contact a program designer.

Premier edition special:

  • 2-night stay.
  • Gourmet breakfast.
  • Daily access to SPA.
  • All workshops, practices and facilitated sessions.

Shared room:

Private room:


Interested To Attend?

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