An inclusion initiative inspiring human connection.


By encouraging acceptance and understanding for one another through raw, real-life stories common to many – but only spoken about by a few.

The Stories

In a world of supreme connectivity, we are noticeably disconnected. Curated images and traditional views rule, while loneliness and the struggle to feel as our authentic selves – grow.

Therefore, to challenge the status quo and normalize the human experience, we invite people for an intimate conversation and share their experiences on topics silenced out of fear of judgment, shame and criticism.

For instance:

  • Strong men don’t cry.
  • Go back to where you came from.
  • When will you get married and have children?
  • I don’t want to die alone, so I stay in this bad relationship.

The Vision

A world where we all live a life – we are proud of.

Nobody should be someone they are not. We all ought to decide who wee want to be and the life we want to life.

Imagine a world where you feel encouraged to bring your genuine stories, skills, experiences and potential to the table.

We do, and by sharing these stories we hope they become normal dinner table topics and nurture meaningful conversations at home, work and beyond.

What’s your story?

My color, my race, my gender, my environment and my experiences may influence who I think I am, but it’s who I choose to be in this moment and every moment forward that determines who I am.

Get Involved

We make the uncomfortable – comfortable.

Hear Their Stories

Unite around what makes us so alike, so remarkable and so human – yet so often silenced.

Tell Your Story

Inspire people to connect as human beings and be an ambassador of human connection by sharing your story (or introducing us to someone who would like to).

Join Us

Would you love to contribute to The Untold in any form or become part of a team that wakes up every day to challenge the status quo ?

how we make an impact

It began with one idea and one person.


How it began

In 2020, at home in Barcelona, Erik Eklund felt his heart drop and despair build as he watched the world erupt around the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

He could feel the anger, fear and judgment grow, and although we have more access and knowledge than ever, become more and more disconnected.

vertical portrait photo in nature of erik in a hat white shirt

At that point, he posted a video on social media saying, “We are all human and it’s time to come together as such.” Finishing by paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King, “Our aim must not be to defeat or humiliate one another, but to win each other’s friendship and understanding.”

Within minutes his inbox was flooded by messages from people expressing a similar feeling and the idea was born.

It’s time to have the conversation about what makes us so alike, so remarkable and so human – yet so often brushed away or silenced. This is us connecting as human beings.

This is The Untold.

vertical portrait photo in nature of erik in a hat white shirt

Erik Eklund, Founder of The Untold.


We are all united around the vision of a world shaped by the core value of human connection.

Markus Dalka

Chief Marketing Enthusiast

I believe that personal growth and fulfillment happen through human connection. When we come together and collaborate from our differences, we discover our similarities.